Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coordinating Set of Notecards

Hope you've been enjoying your weekend.  The kids (and I) have had off since Thursday, so it's been a nice break for all of us.  We celebrated our oldest daughter's birthday on Thursday with a full day of shopping, so I was thankful for a few extra days to recover!  We've been having such beautiful fall weather here, and I've been trying to enjoy and savor that as much as I can.  My youngest daughter keeps saying "I can't wait for winter", because she LOVES playing in the snow, but I can definitely wait a while for that.  Last year we did get snow in October (very depressing!) but at least we don't have any of that in sight. 

I do have some cards to share with you here today. I made this simple set of notecards that I think would make a nice gift.  I'm finding out that it's so much simpler and time-efficient to buy coordinating paper and make several cards at one time.  I have some extra little plastic cases from Stampin' Up stamp sets, so I covered one of those to put the cards into.  (Actually I decided that first, so I knew what size cards I should go with.  For once, I was happy I had planned ahead!)

I think I bought the patterned paper at Michael's but I'm not sure of the name. (sorry)  The rub-ons were from Stampin' Up - I have loved that set and wish I had more of them!

Thanks so much for visiting!  Enjoy your day!  

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  1. Very cute - that's a great re-use of the stamp box