Monday, October 11, 2010

I'd love your help!!

OK, so I wish I had a ton of things to show you today, but instead I'm going to ask (aka beg) you to help me out.  As you know I LOVE Cosmo Cricket, and I just saw on their blog today that they're offering a one-month spot on their design team for November.  The catch is, they want people to nominate others, and the 5 with the most nominations will go in the hat for the one spot.  I would so appreciate it if you would go to this link, and post a comment nominating me - Rachel Schumacher.  I would be forever grateful!!  (I think you have through the weekend to do it.) 

Thank you!  I have a big (painful) birthday coming up in 2 weeks, and this would be the coolest birthday present!

I promise I'll have cards to share next time!!

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